Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jalam Teas Bulang Cooked Shou Puerh

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: dark with golden tips, compressed
Ingredients: puerh tea
Steep time: 30 seconds
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: porcelain gaiwan
Liquor: very dark brown

I will almost always reach for raw puerh before I reach for shou but the weather seems to call for it lately. The cake was pretty to look at with lots of golden tips. I know that doesn't really do anything for what's in the cup but there's always something to be said for aesthetics. The taste of this one was rich and earthy with quite a bit more punch than I was expecting. I forgot that Autumn teas, especially from Bulang Shan, can do that. There was an interesting sweetness that reminded me of the smell of damp potting soil. That probably doesn't sound very appetizing but trust me, it was delicious! It brewed up an inky dark brown that stayed consistent through many infusions. Even after it started to loose its strength I was able to squeeze out a bit more by letting the leaves rest for a bit. I have a feeling that this tea will find its way into my travel mug many times, especially on those chilly mornings when I'm waiting for the bus to work. +JalamTeas only offers a few cooked puerhs each year. In a way, I think that helps me to enjoy them more.

Bulang Cooked Shou Puerh sample provided by Jalam Teas.