Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Round Up: October 25th - October 31st

The Dignity of A Dark Forest
Jianghu is a tea and music blog that I've recently started following. I really enjoyed this review of a mysterious puerh from Tea Urchin.

TEA REVIEWS: ChaTale’s West Lake Long Jing & Bamboo Tea
+Drew Bednasek brings us a review of what sounds like a very nice Dragonwell and an herbal tea that is made from young bamboo leaves.

Tea Apps
The Lovely Teacup posted a very useful list of tea themed apps. I'm not sure that I'd pay for a timer app but it's still interesting to know that they exist.

Tasting Experience: Smith Teamaker
+sara shacket had an incredible tasting experience at Stumptown Coffee. The Mulled Black Tea definitely sounds like something that I need to try!

The Tea Book (Book Review)
+Ricardo Caicedo wrote a great review of +Linda Gaylard's new book. I definitely have to agree when he said, "This book does a wonderful job at easily covering a lot of vital information without being too technical.".