Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Red Cup Tea Company Camellia Flowers

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: pale blossoms, somewhat broken
Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis flowers
Steep time: 3 minutes
Water Temperature: 195 degrees
Preparation Method: infuser basket and ceramic teacup
Liquor: pale gold

Over the last few years I've pretty much stopped reviewing herbal teas. They simply don't capture my interest very much. This one is a bit of an exception because it is made solely from the flowers of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis). In many parts of the world, India in particular comes to mind, the flowers are removed and discarded because they are thought to divert nutrients away from the leaves. I've only had them one other time, blended with a Sri Lankan black tea, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The taste was somewhat similar to chrysanthemum but with a sweeter, honey-like lean. I thoroughly enjoyed a cup, or two, after a very long day at work. These blooms tasted just fine on their own but I can definitely see myself experimenting with blending them with loose leaf teas. Sweetener is not necessary at all and would likely cover up the delicate sweet notes that occur naturally. An Instagram follower commented that these blossoms were magical and special. I'd definitely have to agree. For tea lovers, it is yet another connection to the plant we love so much. The flowers do contain some caffeine but it is very little, less than what you'd find in a decaf tea.

Camellia Flowers sample provided by Little Red Cup Tea Company.

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