Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Round Up: March 29th - April 4th

TEA REVIEW: Lochan Tea – Doke Black Fusion (first flush 2015)
+Drew Bednasek wrote a great review of the newest 1st flush for one of my favorite teas from last year, Doke Black Fusion. That reminds me that I should stock up!

Power of Design - Kimono
I recently missed out on a spectacular kimono exhibition at Globus Washitsu. Thankfully I was able to live vicariously through +Jo J's fantastic blog post. I love all of the colorful fabrics.

Broadening Our Experiences with the Aging Process
The Guide to Puerh Tea is one of my new favorite reads. In this thought provoking post, Varat discusses puerh in relation to other aged and fermented drinks. It's a fascinating subject that the U.S. tea industry is just starting to dig into.

Tea Owl Tea Blending!
Who doesn't love a good April Fools joke? +Charissa Gascho got us all good when her tea owls created a very unusual blend. Oolong, puerh, rooibos and prime rib rub are all part of this mysterious concoction.

Chai Syrup
+Jee Choe always comes up with the most delicious sounding recipes. Her chai syrup is super simple and I can imagine a million different ways to use it. I'll definitely be cooking up a batch soon with my favorite chai blend.