Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Round Up: March 8th - March 14th

5 Common Misconceptions about Puerh Tea
I loved this post from +White2Tea that breaks down some of the most common misconceptions about puerh. There are lots of companies out there who still repeat these so be on the lookout!

Irish Oat Flapjacks
When I hear the world flapjack, I usually think of pancakes. Little did I know that in the UK they are a yummy sounding granola bar type confection. +Bonnie Eng put a matcha spin on them and I can't wait to try the recipe.

Interview with Tea Ave's Jeff Chen
It seems like everyone is talking about +Tea Ave lately. I really enjoyed this interview with one of their founders that was posted by +Georgia SS. I loved learning about everything that went into the design elements of their beautiful teaware.

+Wymm Tea is a new company to me but I'm excited because there are samples on their way to me. Until then, check out these great reviews from +Charissa Gascho and Sororitea Sisters.

Jingmai Sheng Puer Spring 2013 from Wymm Tea

Menghai Shou Pu-erh Third Grade (2008) from Wymm Tea