Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tea Places: Matcha Cafe Wabi

When +Jo J  let me know that a new matcha bar had opened in Manhattan, we immediately decided to check it out. Neither of us are very good navigators but we didn't have much trouble finding it. The staff behind the counter greeted us warmly as soon as we entered. The space was small but welcoming. There was no seating so it definitely felt like more of a "to go" spot. The menu featured matcha shots and lattes as well as espresso. Contrary to expectations, there was no food served other than a matcha Rice Crispy confection.We both opted for a shot of usucha, which was fairly well priced at $2.50.

I expected to be served a "shot" as they do at MatchaBar but was pleasantly surprised to be served in a very traditional style. They even used chasens to whisk! I loved how they matched the coasters to our matcha bowls. Mine was a cheery purple that really showed off the deep green color of the matcha. The taste was vegetal and sweet with plenty of umami. It wasn't overly strong, making them friendlier for beginners. These bowls were a mid-point in a day full of tea adventuring and a much needed boost of energy. I will definitely be back to give their lattes a try.

You can find out more about Matcha Cafe Wabi here.