Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Global Tea Hut - December 2014: Old Man Camphor

I so look forward to my Global Tea Hut every month. It often seems like I'm always drinking teas for reviews but this is the one tea that I set aside just for me to enjoy. I usually do a write up with pictures here but its nice to take a break from the usual formalities. December's shipment included a very nice Christmas card and a group photo of +Wu De and the gang.

I've become quite a puerh obsessive the last few years but I'm definitely much more of a sheng person. That being said, I really enjoyed this seasonally appropriate selection. Old Man Camphor certainly lived up to its name. It was dark and earthy with a lot of natural sweetness. The mouth-feel was surprisingly smooth and silky. The magazine was packed with useful information as always. I particularly enjoyed the article on puerh leaf grading. Several articles focused on tea gatherings and it really got me thinking. I'd love to have similar gatherings here in New Jersey or NYC. I think I might make that part of my tea related resolutions for 2015.

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