Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aiya Tea Matcha to Go Stick-Packs

Country of Origin: Japan
Leaf Appearance: deep green, powdered
Ingredients: matcha green tea, soluble corn fiber
Steep time: n/a
Water Temperature: cold
Preparation Method: waterbottle
Liquor: deep green

I really love matcha but it can be hard to make on the go. When I'm at work, my prep area is virtually non-existent so ease of use is a must. That's why I was so happy when +Aiya America Organic Matcha green tea came out with these stick-packs. Each packet is individually wrapped and not very large so they are perfect for tossing in my purse on my way out of the door. I've tried products like this before but no matter what they all became clumpy and did not mix all of the way. Aiya's solution was to add dietary fiber. This doesn't interfere with the flavor at all but it helps the matcha to become suspended in the water. The taste was everything it should be; crisp, vegetal and sweet. My box is already almost empty so I'll need to pick a few soon. I recently developed a taste for mixing matcha with orange juice (it sounds weird, I know), like with my Matcha Morning Wake Up. This would be a great way to be able to do that even while traveling. All I'd need to do is pick up a bottle of juice from a convenience store and shake.

Matcha to Go Stick-Packs sample provided by Aiya Tea.