Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Round Up - October 26th through November 1st

Gaba in Tea
+Ricardo Caicedo explains all about GABA, a substance found in some teas with a lot of purported health benefits. I have yet to try one myself but I'm looking forward to his upcoming review.

Learning to Understand Hong Cha
We all have a certain type of tea that we struggle with but eventually begin to understand. The Dragon's Well talks about their struggles with Chinese red tea.

Orientalism in Tea Marketing Language
+Alex Zorach shared his thoughts on one of my biggest pet peeves. With the possible exception of Bai Hao being called Oriental Beauty, companies really should know better than to use these antiquated terms.

Digital Table: Global Tea Hut October
I'm a big fan of Global Tea Hut and I love reading about others experiences with these teas. +katherine bellman shares her thoughts on each month's shipment in her Digital Table series.

Boba Thai Tea Shooters
Thirsy for Tea is one of my favorite blogs because Bonnie always comes up with the most amazing recipes. These festive tea shooters would be perfect for a Halloween party.