Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tea Sommelier by Gabriella Lombardi

There are few things that I love more than a big and beautiful book on my favorite subject, tea! I had heard some buzz about this title from several fellow tea geeks so I just had to order it. It was quite large so I was impressed that the post office managed to squeeze the package through the bars of the security gate at +Tea Drunk. The photography is absolutely stunning. Beautiful photographs of every type of tea and teaware that you can possibly think of are enough to make any tea lover happy. The content was for the most part factual. There are a few things that I personally disagreed with but they were matters that are always subjects of debate in the tea world so I won't nitpick.

She covers many of the world's tea growing regions and shows examples of teas produced in each of them. At the end of the book is a collection of recipes that look both beautiful and daunting. I particular want to try the stuffed pasta that uses Shui Xian oolong. The one thing that I did take issue with was the color of the tea liquors shown. Most of them were all wrong. I realize that achieving the correct color is a very difficult thing. In fact it is every tea blogger's nightmare. However, a professionally photographed book should be held up to an even higher standard. That one issue (that is mostly my inner nerd showing) did not take away from the overall affect of the book though. It would make a great gift for any tea lover.

You can find out more about this book here.