Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jalam Teas Zhang Lang Fermented Puerh

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: dark, tightly compressed
Ingredients: puerh tea
Steep time: 30 seconds
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: porcelain gaiwan
Liquor: very dark

Most of the offerings that I receive through my +JalamTeas subscription are raw puerh so I always get excited when they throw in something a little different. This fermented puerh brewed up as dark as blackstrap molasses. I have to admit that made me hesitate a bit before taking my first sip. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised to find the taste unbelievably smooth. It was sweet and richly earthy with no bitterness whatsoever. I lost count of the number infusions that I did but I can tell you that there were a lot! This tea was produced by the Pulang people of the Bada/Pulang Mountains. It is a fermented version of the raw Zhang Lang that I reviewed last year so it was interesting to have a chance to compare the two. I adore the photo postcards that are sent with each month's shipment and this card in particular was really striking. The muleteer looks so worldly and wise. He must have so many stories to tell of the old Tea Horse Road.

Zhang Lang Fermented Puerh purchased as part of Jalam Teas subscription.