Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teamania Four Seasons Oolong

Country of Origin: Thailand
Leaf Appearance: jade green, tightly rolled
Ingredients: oolong tea
Steep time: 30 seconds
Water Temperature: 200 degrees
Preparation Method: porcelain gaiwan
Liquor: gold

It's not often that I come across a tea from Thailand. It's even rarer for them to be oolongs. This particular tea is made from Si Ji Chun, otherwise known as Four Seasons Oolong. The leaves looked a bit different than their Taiwanese counterpart as they were smaller in size. Both the dry tea and liquor were very aromatic. The taste was floral and sweet with a mellow but lingering aftertaste. Although lightly fermented it is also roasted so there is a nice balance of flavors, not too floral and not too roasty. Later infusions developed a bit of sourness, similar to what I might expect from a Tie Guan Yin. I would be inclined to use an even shorter steep time in the future because of this. Otherwise it was a very enjoyable sip and one that I wouldn't mind returning to. +Teamania has quite a large range of Thai teas so they are definitely one of your go-to online retailers.

Four Seasons Oolong sample provided by Teamania.