Monday, February 10, 2014

Mandala Tea Green Legendary Beauty Yixing

I have been wanting to dedicate an yixing to raw puerh for some time so I asked my boyfriend to get me this little pot for Christmas. Isn't he the best? I really wanted this one because it a very similar shape to the yixing that I have dedicated to Dancong oolong. It is made from Ben Shan clay which gives it a greenish color and somewhat sandy appearance. The color is a bit paler than their picture but it is exactly what I wanted.

My first brew after seasoning was very good and it did not have any muddy or clay aftertastes. It pours wonderfully and the lid makes a fairly air tight seal. If I place a finger over the air hole in the lid the tea will stop pouring out completely. At just 5.1oz it is probably my smallest teapot. For my birthday I received a cake of +Mandala Tea's Wild Monk raw puerh and I am looking forward to many tea sessions with this little guy.

You can find out more about this teapot here.