Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tea Places: The Tea Shoppe

The Tea Shoppe popped up on my radar when I was scouring FourSquare for places to add to my Tea in NYC list. I happened to be wandering around Nolita a bit before work so I grabbed the opportunity to stop in. Overall I thought that this place was very cute and well organized. They had many different brands of tea that I am familiar with and even some that I had not heard of. Rishi, Adagio and Elmwood Teas were among those spotted.

They had a pretty large teaware collection most of which was priced very fairly. I'll be making it a point to check back to see if any teacups catch my eye. There was only one staff member at the time but she was friendly and let me browse at my leisure. I don't buy tea very often but this would be a great place to grab a quick gift whenever the need arises. I wound up bringing home a glass "test tube" steeper and a box of fill-your-own teabags. They have a branch in Howell, NJ that I will definitely need to check out.