Friday, November 22, 2013

Capresso froth PRO Automatic Milk Frother

My very understanding and indulgent boyfriend bought this milk frother a few weeks ago for our three year anniversary. Most girls want something shiny but if it has something to do this tea, it is on my wish list. I have been playing with it like a tea-crazed mad scientist ever since. The possibilities seem endless and I'm sure that I'll be posting recipes for my creations soon. Since I'm usually a straight up kind of gal, it's given me the freedom to do things that I'd normally consider a bit taboo, like sweetening a green tea latte with chocolate syrup.

I have yet to find something about this baby that I don't like (other than that I don't have one at the office). It's easy to use and clean. It has a small footprint which is great because I need another kitchen appliance like I need a hole in the head. Tiny parts are easily lost in my house so I adore that the extra whisking and heating disk store magnetically in the base. The small size is perfect since I'm usually the only latte drinker. This model is fairly low priced compared to a lot of frothers that are out there on the market.
You can find out more about this milk frother here.