Monday, June 27, 2011

Adagio Teas Anteadote Organic Oolong Tea

Anteadote Oolong Tea Iced from Adagio Teas
Photo: Adagio Teas
On a recent trip to Whole Foods I was in need of some refreshment so I grabbed a bottle of Adagio Anteadote. The ingredients are listed as including purified water, organic oolong tea, vitamin c (antioxidant) and baking soda (acidity regulator). It was surprisingly pale in color for a bottled oolong. I really like that they explained the purposes of the vitamin c and baking soda on the package.

While some may question the addition of the baking soda, it is a little known fact that this is a common practice in restaurants to keep the tea from becoming cloudy and bitter. This tea was light and nutty with some floral notes in the background. There was very little astringency. It wasn't quite as good as a fresh hot cup but then very few iced teas are. I would definitely recommend this tea.