Monday, December 27, 2010

The Puritea Roasted Dong Ding

According to The Puritea, this is a roasted oolong from Taiwan. The dry leaves were very dark green in color and had a tightly rolled appearance. They had a strong floral aroma. I made this tea in a porcelain gaiwan using 180 degree water and three consecutive 40 second infusions. The liquor was a pale yellow.

The first infusion was sweet and delicately floral as one would expect from a dong ding. There were hints of vanilla and a toasty aftertaste as well. The second infusion was much more full flavored than the first. The floral aspect gave way to a nuttier and more vegetal flavor. The third infusion was a milder, smoother version of the second. I would definitely recommend this tea.


  1. I've only recently tried Dong Ding that had varying degrees of roast; prior to this I had mostly just tried the less roasted ones.

    This one sounds like one I would really like. I tried a competition grade dong ding from Life in Teacup recently, provided by Marlena of Tea For Today, which I really enjoyed; it was the darkest roasted Dong Ding I've tried yet, and it sounds from your description, a bit more than this tea you are reviewing.

    Have you tried Dong Ding with different levels of roast?

  2. Thanks for the comment Alex. Dong ding has become one of my favorite types of tea. I've mostly only tried lighter roasted versions.


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