Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Starbucks Full Leaf Teas

I have a confession to make. One of my guilty pleasures in life is a tall chai latte from Starbucks. This can be controversial in certain circles as Starbucks is sometimes assigned a level of corporate evil reserved only for Wal-Mart and Teavana. But I was intrigued when I found out that they would be releasing a new line of Tazo full leaf tea bags.  There happens to be a location by my job so I picked up a cup of the China Green Tips. And the verdict is…”meh”. It wasn’t spectacular or special in any way. That being said, it also wasn’t terrible. I also tried the Awake black tea and that was decent as well.

I can definitely see them being a gateway drug to this addicting beverage we call tea. It’s also nice that since I live so close to NYC, I can now pretty much find a decent cuppa on every street corner. I’ve heard the coffee folks aren’t fans but then I really wouldn’t expect them to be. Monday I plan on trying to Darjeeling because I am wondering what the difference is between their full leaf and filter bags.


  1. "...Starbucks is sometimes assigned a level of corporate evil reserved only for Wal-Mart and Teavana." Haha! Love that line!

    I am not sure if I understand the wording of "full" in "full leaf teas." It just doesn't make sense. What does "full" mean in this case? Full as in thanksgiving dinner full, or full of flavor, or full of nutrients... see my confusion? I think they are trying to get people to think "full leaf teas" means "whole leaf teas" which probably isn't the same thing. "whole leaf teas" meaning something that isn't dust or fannings... but what the heck is "full?"

    Anyways, I haven't tried them myself, but I would probably have the same "meh" reaction if I did.

    Great post. ;)

  2. i have the same problem...guilty...but addicted!

  3. Isn't it great? Love me my Starbucks :-)

  4. I haven't found any of Starbuck's teas to be drinkable yet so I can understand your reaction. Heck my husband who is a rapid coffee drinker can't even stand their coffees and we are from Seattle.


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