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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New hagi piece and more on the way

I’ve been enjoying this beauty for a little while but haven’t had the chance to photograph it. You can check out the rest of the pictures I took in the photo album below or on Flickr (I’m a bit obsessive I know). This new addition was found through TeaChat. It was made by hagi master Yamane Seigan. The San-Sai glaze on this one gives it a beautiful tricolor effect. It’s smaller than the yunomi I posted about but still decently sized. I love how it feels in my hands.

Every time I look at the glaze I see swirls of colors that I hadn’t noticed before. Hagi is fast becoming my favorite kind of teaware. No sooner did this one arrive and I was tempted again. In a few weeks I will have a Seigan blue sencha cup in my mailbox. I think once that arrives I might just officially be out of room on my teaware shelves. Someday I want to set up a nice shelf where I can display them all. The same thing with my yixings. And gaiwans. And rice pattern teaware. And…