Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taylor Connoisseur Digital Tea Thermometer/Timer

For most of my tea drinking career I’ve been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I didn’t care much about having my water at the proper temperature or steeping for the right times. However, as time went by I’ve realized that it really does improve the tea to brew it correctly. I’m still no expert so I wanted to something easy to use that had preset temperatures for the different kinds of teas. I found that in the Taylor Connoisseur Digital Tea Thermometer/Timer. It has preset temperatures and steeping times for white, green, black, puerh, oolong, darjeeling and herbal teas.

It has been absolutely indispensible, especially when brewing delicate white and green teas. I love that all of the presets are adjustable so that I can still easily follow the vendor’s recommendations for a particular tea. The beeping alarm is loud enough for me to hear that my tea is ready from the next room but isn’t overly loud and annoying. I would definitely recommend this thermometer to anyone looking to improve their tea brewing practices.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jada Mountain Mint Tea Pouch

I picked up a package of these at the New York Coffee and Tea Festival. The basic idea behind these pouches is to have the great taste and benefits of tea without actually having to brew it in a cup. They are available in five tea flavors and one coffee variety. Jada’s motto is “It steeps in our mouth, not in your cup”. You just pop these pint size tea bags into your mouth and suck on them to release the flavor.

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the experience of this product. I am very particular about textures and the feeling of a paper tea bag in my mouth was rather unsettling. The mint taste was fine but I just couldn’t get over that odd feeling. Bits of leaves also came out of the bag frequently. There are some people who would enjoy this product but I think I would much rather have a nice cup of mint tea.