Monday, March 16, 2009

Teajo Black Manas

Teajo describes this tea as a tippy golden flowery orange pekoe single estate tea. There was a fair amount of broken leaves visible but there was not much of an aroma. I brewed it using my Zarafina Tea Maker, set on strong black. The liquor was a deep reddish color. The leaves expanded a lot more than I thought they would after steeping.

This tea packed a surprising amount of punch. It is smooth and malty but has an almost peppery finish. The peppery feeling lingered long after the last sip. I love a full bodied black tea and this is one of the best stand alone blacks I have tried. It didn’t need any sweeteners at all. The aftertaste wasn’t biting like a lot of black teas can be. The second infusion was just as delicious as the first. It would have been nice to know which estate the tea came from. Other than that you will hear no complaints from me about this selection.

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  1. Thank you for your review. This particular tea along with all of our black and green teas originate from a couple of small estates in Assam. Because we are dealing directly with the grower, we don't normally disclose the specific estate name to protect our relationship with them. The medium leaf size of the Black Manas gives it a little more body when compared to the larger leaf varieties.


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