Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tavalon Jasmine Dream

If you’ve read any of my other reviews you would know that I am a complete jasmine addict. I’ve heard very good things about this blend so I could not wait to try it when I won a coupon in one of Tavalon’s many Twitter contests. The leaves were a very dark green and the scent of the jasmine was so strong that I was able to smell it through the package. I brewed this tea at work so I don’t have the exact specs. It is relatively bomb proof though. I haven’t had a bad cup yet.

This tea is obviously of a high quality because it very heavily scented. The taste and scent lasts through at least three steepings and I am always left feeling like I could have gotten another brew out of it. This was the first jasmine tea I have tried that did not have visible blooms in it. It detracts a little from the visual aspect but did not seem to have affected the taste very much.


  1. This is actually one of my favorite blends from Tavalon... You should also try their Lemongreen if you like green teas. I heard Mighty Leaf is coming out with a new jasmine blend as well. I'm in the green tea zone.

  2. I recently ordered the Jasmine and Lemongreen teas from Tavalon. Mighty Leaf has a better version of these teas with more flavor. Tavalon's Jasmine isn't that good. Republic of Tea has good Jasmine as well.


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