Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Andao Ancient Mountain Gaiwan

Andao Tea
A gaiwan is a traditional Chinese brewing vessel that consists of a saucer, bowl, and lid. The lid is the Gai and the bowl is the Wan. The lid allows the tea to be infused in the bowl as well as providing a way of straining the liquid from the leaves. This particular gaiwan is both beautiful and practical. The blue landscape against the white porcelain is striking. The red accents on the tree is icing on the cake, adding just enough detail to really make it stand out. The blue on white theme is carried into both the lid and saucer as well.

I love it because it enables me to make a small amount of tea rather than a large pot. I am the only loose leaf tea drinker in my house so it is unreasonable to make more than I can drink. I’ve used it to brew most types of tea and have had success with each and every one. I particularly like it for green tea. It has been tricky figuring out a pouring technique that minimizes spills and burned fingers. This a problem endemic to all gaiwans and beginners like myself. I am looking forward to a lot more cups of tea brewed and shared with the help of this gaiwan.

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